I am an Art Director, Sr Graphics Designer with a Ph.D. in Life Sciences, and semi-pro dad of twin girls. With the unique combination of the right and left brain power, I can quickly grasp the complexity of any story and turn it into clear and easy-to-follow visuals.
“My strengths are - must-win presentations, infographics, and print deliverables.”
Because of my quality and speed, I am often the go-to Art Director/Designer for high-impact/tight deadlines projects. I know I did a great job when my clients turn to me for their future projects. Here is a shortlist of companies I worked for: ExxonMobil, Cigna, Bain & Company, Google, American Heart Association, HP, Cisco, KPMG, The Container Store, Vistaprint, INTUIT, Sleep Number, and other Fortune 500 brands.
Thank you!
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