This is a series of facebook / social media banners I designed for some of my good friends on the occasion of their birthdays or just because...
My very first social media banner, designed for the knights of lens and film, Photo-Video Studio 16on9. These are highly skilled photographers and videographers that I've been working closely with for a number of years.
Infographic facebook banner for my friend Oktay Rifki who celebrated completion of his MD / PhD program. This makes him Dr. Dr. OR!
This illustrated banner I designed for my friend and former roommate Bekele Debele, who is a Senior Water Resource Specialist with United Nations. Hard to catch (like a loch ness monster) and always on missions to different parts of the world, Bekele helps folks find and efficiently use their H2O. 
Science-y banner for my friend and mentor in life and science, Dr. Beverly Rothermel. Bev is a brilliant scientist @ UT Southwestern but her alma mater is Yale University with their official colors Dark Blue and White. Inspired by the TV hit Breaking Bad.

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