Interactive infographic | Bain & Company
CEO Advisory Board presentation (animated)
Healthcare/Pharma slides
Visual Report
A visual report full of analytical intelligence insights from the lighting market. I was responsible for the content organization, the design of visuals, layout decisions, infographics, and cover design.
Dallas City Facts
City of Dallas Conventions & Visitors Bureau is bringing businesses, sports, and conferences to Dallas and are the authors of the super successful BIG campaign (BIG things are happening here). It was great to help out the city I live in.
Real Estate / Government
Crown Sky Garden @ Childrens Hospital in Chicago
This infographic presentation communicates the benefits provided by an innovative garden inside children's hospital. I was fun blending photos and 3D models with infographics.
Kingdom Education Impact | Infographic
The Kingdom Education Impact poster promotes Prestonwood Christian Academy in Dallas, TX. The infographic highlights the role of this christian school in the well-rounded development of students as future leaders.
Education / Religion
New supplement label
Infographic explaining the changes in the nutritional facts label for dietary supplements produced and sold by Integrative Therapeutics.
Zillow | real estate infographics
Infographic-enhanced photos make your house stand out on Zillow. Attract more buyers to your posting with photo infographics.
Real Estate / Advertising
UX/UI (Interactive infographic)
An interactive infographic detailing the digital value at stake in the private sector
How to use an AED device on a child
Infographic instruction of how to use AED device to jump-start child's heart back to life. Client: Lurie Children's hospital in Chicago. Even if one child's life is saved using this instruction -this infographic would be the most important work of my life.
MeMed Diagnostic Solutions | Infographic
Israeli biotech firm, MeMed Diagnostics solution to accurately determine the source of infection in patients, thus saving lives and reducing costs associated with incorrect diagnostics.
Biotech / Healthcare
Sleep Number infographic
The infographic offers tips on how to not to be succumbed to insomnia and fall asleep faster using acupressure points on your wrist, foot, head, and ankle.
Retail / Social Media
UX/UI Healthcare analytics app (dashboard)
This app was designed for healthcare providers to efficiently manage their patient populations. The goal of this product is to identify and close gaps in healthcare
Drone Ecosystem - Slides
Investor deck slides describing the drone ecosystem architecture.
IT / Finance
Signage and Map Design | Argonne National Lab
TOP 7 False Statements by Russian media about Ukraine
Most common lies about Ukraine cooked up by Russian propaganda at the beginning of Crimean occupation and fighting in Eastern Ukraine
Journalism / Media
Brain Habits: Harmful vs Helpful | Infographic
Top 4 harmful and helpful brain habits, and tips on how to train your mind to be more productive. This infographic was commissioned by The Container Store for Center For Brain Health
Health / Retail
Scientific Infographics
infographic on the current state of antibiotics use in the US.
Arkansas State University infographic
Sleeping giant awaken: the story of innovation in Arkansas State University
George Bush Institute | Charitable Giving Infographic
UK, USA, and Canada compared by charitable giving.
Journalism / Government
Woman-owned Micro Businesses Trends
Vistaprint recently conducted a survey focused on women-owned micro businesses and the challenges and opportunities presented to them.
Entrepreneurship / Finance
Molecular Profiling of Cancer | How to-infographic
Molecular profiling of cancer matches each patient with the individual therapy that is likely to work. Profiling is based on the comparison of DNA and known biomarkers found in success cases.
Biotech / Healthcare
Flow chart infographics
Infographics explaining the flow of Energy, Data, and Money in the rebate program of the California water + energy management company.
Energy / Retail
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