UX/UI (Interactive infographic)
An interactive infographic detailing the digital value at stake in the private sector
Interactive infographic | Bain & Company
Crown Sky Garden @ Childrens Hospital in Chicago
This infographic presentation communicates the benefits provided by an innovative garden inside children's hospital. I was fun blending photos and 3D models with infographics.
UX/UI Healthcare analytics app (dashboard)
This app was designed for healthcare providers to efficiently manage their patient populations. The goal of this product is to identify and close gaps in healthcare
Email banners
Email banners I created for the Marketing and Communications Education committee. Rigid and outdated email templates replaced with dynamic and more engaging templates with a better layout.
Flow chart infographics
Infographics explaining the flow of Energy, Data, and Money in the rebate program of the California water + energy management company.
Energy / Retail
Facebook Banners
If you wish to surprise your loved one, a friend or your social followers with a clever profile cover - shoot me an email nemchenko2000@gmail.com. I'll be happy to brainstorm with you and come up with the unique design to make your profile stand out!
Social Media / Branding
PREZI pitch
API's PREZI pitch introducing the framework of the Center for Offshore Safety. The video was sped up for streamlined portfolio viewing.
Networking switch
I have designed three GIFs to introduce Cisco's new 100G networking devices on social media and blogs as an innovative and more engaging ad.
Expo Booth Design | Argonne National Lab
I designed this booth for Argonne National Lab's booth at the International Expo in Hannover, GERMANY. This booth was visited by Angela Merkel, among other leaders.
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