Tech workshop | Poster set
Visual Report
A visual report full of analytical intelligence insights from the lighting market. I was responsible for the content organization, the design of visuals, layout decisions, infographics, and cover design.
Dallas City Facts
City of Dallas Conventions & Visitors Bureau is bringing businesses, sports, and conferences to Dallas and are the authors of the super successful BIG campaign (BIG things are happening here). It was great to help out the city I live in.
Real Estate / Government
Whitepaper - Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market
State of the art of the electric vehicle market in the US. Major trends are making cheaper and smaller batteries with higher capacity and developing charging infrastructure and it's logistics.
Kingdom Education Impact | Infographic
The Kingdom Education Impact poster promotes Prestonwood Christian Academy in Dallas, TX. The infographic highlights the role of this christian school in the well-rounded development of students as future leaders.
Education / Religion
MeMed Diagnostic Solutions | Infographic
Israeli biotech firm, MeMed Diagnostics solution to accurately determine the source of infection in patients, thus saving lives and reducing costs associated with incorrect diagnostics.
Biotech / Healthcare
Science | Cover Art
Efficiency Unchained - Branding and marketing campaign
I designed the logo and was responsible for look and feel of the rock'n'roll-themed marketing campaign that launched a new supply chain solution called Procure-to-Pay by Vizient. This new product is designed to make all healthcare purchasing and inventory handling more efficient and transparent. Vizient is the largest group-purchasing organization (GPO) and healthcare improvement company facilitation 50% of hospital-related purchases in the United States.
Cell magazine | Cover Art
This is a Cell cover image proposal highlighting the newly discovered mechanism of cell growth dependent on sulfur-containing compounds. Less sulfur less growth and focus on survival. More sulfur makes cells grow huge. The Illustration was inspired by Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, where eating one cookie makes Alice grow big, but another cookie shrinks her in size.
Biotech / Journalism
Neuron | Cover Art
Submission for Scientific Magazines Cover Art competition. This illustration is based on the brilliant piece of research done by my good friend Vikram Jakkamsetti on the plasticity of brain cells. Similar to metal's ability to be shaped into a new form under heat and pressure, neurons use the molecular mechanism to adjust to the new contexts.
Biotech / Journalism
Flow chart infographics
Infographics explaining the flow of Energy, Data, and Money in the rebate program of the California water + energy management company.
Energy / Retail
Expo Booth Design | Argonne National Lab
I designed this booth for Argonne National Lab's booth at the International Expo in Hannover, GERMANY. This booth was visited by Angela Merkel, among other leaders.
Signage and Map Design | Argonne National Lab
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